Otto Leuschel’s Regeneration of Germantown, NY

On Friday, July 20, 2012, I took several photos on Main Street in Germantown, NY, about 115 miles north of New York City (Manhattan). Two “gems” on this little street are Otto’s Market (established as Central Market in 1927 and reestablished as Otto’s Market in 2006) and the Germantown Variety Store (established 2012.) Both businesses are owned and operated by Otto Leuschel who left an important job at Whole Foods to become the spark plug for the revitalization of this small Hudson Valley town. Otto is doing great work in this little burg.  I did not get a chance to ask Otto who his customers are, but I suspect affluent part-time exurbanites and weekend vacationers from the greater New York area are the source of much of his business.


Who will invent the future now?

I missed Walter Issacson’s review of Jon Gertner’s book about Bell Labs that appeared in the New York Times this past April. When I finally read it, It reminded me of the key role that Bell Labs played in originating the technology that led to solid state electronics and the Internet–literally changing the world.  It seems like we lack a similar institution to help us create the next technological leap.