Cost of a Gallon of Gasoline Since 1980

This chart from  provides some perspective on the average US price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline (inflation-adjusted).  While  the price as of mid 2009 is below the record high levels of the first half of 2008, they are above where it was from 1984-2004–a two decade span of relative energy price stability.  See also for a history of the price one person paid at the pump since 1979.

ENERGY - 2009-08-14 - Gasoline prices (inflation adjusted)


One thought on “Cost of a Gallon of Gasoline Since 1980

  1. we have six helicopters and fly them to large oil tankers as well as VLCCs out in the gulf. our business grew for nearly 24 year without a slowdown. now? the VLCCs are no longer coming to the gulf. refineries along the lower mississippi are laying off people. there is no storage space on land for oil. tanks at the refineries are full of crude AND finished product.
    there are virtually no helicopter flights.
    consumption is obviously way down but prices for gas are not. containgo settlements every 3rd friday of the month are going to be interesting this month and through the end of the year. could it be that 27 BBLs of paper oil for every real one have an influence of prices? I say yes. Oil speculators including the bailed out government banks, investment banks. backed by loans from the average joe, via the fed, are making the average joe the author of his own un-average , leveraged demise. Is this really a democracy? would this be allowed in china? Russia?

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