Michelle Kaufmann’s Prefab Design Firm Takes a Break

DESIGN - 2009-06-20 - MK DesignIn practice since 2004, Michelle Kaufmann advanced the ideal of high-quality, well-designed, prefab residential architecture.  She and her colleagues completed 40 prefab houses. While reducing waste in construction and embodying other benefits of prefab, the houses integrated outdoor spaces with interiors.  She also worked toward increasing the affordability of high design. On May 27, 2009, Michelle annouced that she was closing her firm, saying that, ” .  .  . the financial meltdown and plunging home values have caught up with us.”  Ms. Kaufman says she is looking toward the next chapter and is confident that there will be one.  No doubt, fans of modernist design hope to see her back on the scene as soon as possible.  For the Los Angeles Times article about the shuttering of Michelle Kaufmann Designs, go to http://bit.ly/4BZAFL .



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