Mortgage Resets a Potential Problem into 2012

An updated mortgage reset chart prepared by Credit Suisse was posted at on May 20, 2009.  This chart shows that rate resets of residential mortgages  will range between $18 and $42 billion dolars per month into the third quarter of 2012.  As of May 2009, the volume of resets is about $28 billion.  It is expected to drop down under $30 billion in August and then begin increasing steadily to a peak of about $42 billion in January 2012, at which point a rapid deline in the volume of mortgage resets is expected.  It looks like there is a continuing potential for a significant volume of residential foreclosures for the two and a half year period between mid 2009 and the beginning of 2012.

ECON - 2009-05-20 Mortage reset-recast chart from Credit Suisse


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