Land + Living offers a critique of mixed use districts and/or “lifestyle centers”

Several years ago (November 2004) James Lippincot posted at the land + living network website — –a review of what he refers to as ” . . . this idea of private development masquerading as public space.”  See the article at

My own view of such places is somewhat more positive. Kudos ought to go out to anyone offering an alternative to the “boxes in a parking lot” format of retail that is so predominant these days. Nonetheless, Lippincot offers some interesting commentary and photos.

Lippincott likes several aspects of Victoria Gardens (in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, about forty miles east of downtown Los Angeles.) Overall, he has fewer compliments for Crocker Park (in Westlake, OH, about 15 miles west of downtown Cleveland.)  However, after decrying the fact that it is yet another mall Lippincot says that Crocker Park ” . . . does embrace New Urbansim a bit more than some of the other projects we have looked at like Victoria Gardens, and much more than the Grove, with the placement of office and residential units in the upper two storys of the buildings. In this respect, Crocker Park would appear to us to be a more successful model.”


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